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Before his show at The Rock in Tucson, Arizona, Lil Peep posted a video of himself consuming six Xanax pills . Little did he know that the Xanax he purchased were counterfeits laced with fentanyl , a dangerous, potent opioid drug that is 100 times stronger than morphine and known for causing overdoses. It’s frightening how often overdoses like this occur. Street drug “manufacturers” will sometimes mix the drugs they make with fillers and cheaper chemicals to give their products increased strength at a lower price, and fentanyl has become a common choice. Fentanyl is highly addictive and often deadly, as shown by overdose death statistics collected by the CDC. The graph below illustrates the sharp rise in fentanyl related overdose deaths since 2012, amounting to over 20,000 deaths in 2016 alone (CDC WONDER). *Synthetic opioids other than methadone include drugs such as fentanyl, fentanyl analogs and tramadol. *Natural and semisynthetic opioid include drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. We’ve witnessed and grieved overdose deaths among the rich and famous for a long time, but what makes Lil Peep’s situation particularly impactful for many is his use of social media. The video he took depicting himself taking the drugs garnered over two million views in just a few hours—all before the media even announced his death. With an overwhelmingly large and dedicated fanbase, Lil Peep influenced millions of teens and young adults on a daily basis. It’s possible that any one of those followers could want to emulate Lil Peep’s lifestyle, especially considering his music was especially influential for young individuals who could relate to his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, often expressed in his music and social media. At Recovery Centers of America (RCA) we have met many people who turned to drug use as a coping mechanism for untreated trauma or co-occurring disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes patients have been prescribed medications, including Xanax, to help manage their mental health illness such as anxiety, and find themselves addicted after taking more of the drug to obtain that feeling of calmness that eludes them in their everyday life. We know it can be difficult to let go of that feeling, especially while still dealing with depression and anxiety symptoms. This is why RCA also provides numerous therapies and services for co-occurring disorders and mental health symptoms. We know that addressing the root cause of patient’s addictions with evidence-based, individualized treatments can makes recovery easier and aetnabehavioralhealth more successful for many of our patients. Treating the reason people turn to drug and alcohol use is just as important as treating the physical addiction, and to address one without the other is often ineffective The loss of such a young, talented, ambitious artist such as Lil Peep is always devastating, especially among fans and loved ones.

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